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Inspire Network's programs are designed by advisors, for advisors, and focus on leveraging individual strengths to create a stronger, leadership-focused growth plan. The path to success can have many stops and starts, and that's where we come in. With our profoundly simple system of management and growth, we help our clients deliver an unforgettable experience.

Transformational Growth Academy (TGA)

TGA is a year-long program designed for advisors who want to intensify growth, establish and develop leaders within their business, and achieve work-life balance. TGA kicks off with a two-day, workshop at your location. 

The two-day workshop will focus on:

  • Developing your “Why,” and answering “Why would anyone care?”
  • Clarifying your “How,” and integrating a Collaborative Advisory Experience.

We will develop the leaders in your organization and establish a “CEO Mindset” for making smarter, long-term decisions.

Integration Coaching

Upon completing the TGA’s three-day course, Inspire Network will establish an Integration Coaching schedule to help you implement what you’ve just learned into your business. An Inspire Network team-member will meet with you one-on-one, on a bi-weekly basis to provide coaching assistance for the issue or problem we identified as an area of potential growth for your business.

Integration Coaching is an intensive mentorship program where we help you implement new strategies for measurable growth. From relationship development to client experience, growth initiatives and making smart business decisions, or even pricing out services, we will coach you every step of the way.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

This one-on-one program is unique to Inspire Network, and is fully integrated into TGA practices, as well as offered as an a la carte service. Formalized Leadership Development is customized to each advisory practice’s needs, and creates opportunities for mentorship within the organization. 

We will work 1 on 1 with the owners of the firm in developing their leadership skills and business owner capabilities.  We believe that this is a critical component of experiencing transformational growth. This relationship structure could include Leadership Integration Sessions for individual team members or the entire team and sessions can be delivered in person or virtually.  Through this program, we help advisors increase their leadership capacity with the end goal of growth and life balance. 



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Client Testimonial

"I've been working with Saša and his team for almost three years, and I can absolutely say that our partnership has made an enormous improvement on my business. Before engaging with Saša and his group, my practice was operating at a very low level of efficiency, and I would honestly have to say that we were, "just getting by." Our systems and our client service model was relatively unrefined, and very ad hoc, and I would often find myself spending more time working 'in' my business, rather than working 'on' my business. After working with Saša and his team, embracing his philosophies, and implementing his strategies, my practice has improved drastically by every metric. I have much more free time to spend outside of work, I have systems in place to make sure that we operate efficiently, and we are able to deliver a very high level of customer service on a very consistent basis. Implementing his business model and financial planning strategies has increased the value we deliver to clients, and has increased our revenues almost three fold. I would highly recommend working with Saša and his team, they are highly professional and effective, and definitely deliver a very potent value proposition."

- David R. Bouffard, Ameriprise Financial Advisor, Bouffard & Ramsey, Torrington, CT


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What Makes Us Stand Out

We dig in and help your business grow. We start with identifying what makes you tick, what’s important to you, what your goals, dreams and values are.  We want to understand what motivates you, so we can create a plan together that will move your business in a better direction.